1. Newborn family shoot at the client’s home

    23 Aug 2022
    At 7am on a very cold and windy morning in January, I set off with my courageous assistant Zoe, and a ton of equipment to photograph Michelle and her baby Etienne. He was already 4 weeks old but was born about 4 weeks premature so he looked like and slept…

  2. Mariage au Parc des Eaux-Vives, Geneve

    14 Dec 2018
     Ce couple. Parlant de leur histoire d’amour, je cite Katia:”Une belle histoire qui nous a fait voyager, au propre comme au figuré, qui nous a permis d’accomplir des choses magnifiques qui nous accompaneront tout au long de notre vie”. Après une première rencontre lors de la Fête de la Vigne…

  3. Stylish Mother and Child portraits

    08 May 2018
    This mother. Difficult to find words to describe this lady. She radiates beauty, love & intelligence. Ana is always game to try whatever I suggest and what poise! These portraits were done to celebrate Mother’s Day and I think you can see the unconditional love that Ana showers her children…

  4. Family lifestyle portrait photography in Geneva, Switzerland

    14 Mar 2018
    I think that we all agree that childhood is so precious, we should celebrate it, everyday, even more so during the early years when children change so much and are still pretty natural when being photographed. When the daylight wafts in and helps to create that magic, you know that…

  5. Family Portrait shoot in Chêne-Bougeries

    20 Oct 2017
    Although we are in mid October, the weather has been just amazing here in Geneva. I think I caught the last rays of our Indian summer at the Seymaz river located right behind our apartment Photographing this young cute family made me realise how when your kids grow up, they…

  6. Elegant summer wedding in Geneva

    06 Oct 2017
    Stella and Sebastien met in Canada as students. In the summer of 2017 they tied the knot.

  7. Engagement Photo Session - Switzerland

    06 Oct 2017
    From the moment I met Ido and Kata, I knew that I had met a couple that were wildly in love with each other! Ido comes from Ashkelon, a small town in Israel and Kata comes from Budapest, Hungary, but curiously enough, she had already learnt some Hebrew and had…

  8. Newborn baby by the river / Geneva newborn and family photographer

    18 Sep 2016
    I know this post is coming a little late, but I have been so busy, better late than never One of the great joys of being a newborn photographer is getting to show them how beautiful their baby is. Another wonderful aspect is getting to know these mums who have…

  9. New baby - Geneva - Maternity photographer

    29 Jul 2016
    Wow. This Mum I photographed Paola wedding last year, who is one of Alejandra’s best friend’s. Paola persuaded Alejandra to commission me to photograph her family with her wonderful full belly before and after the birth of little Alvaro. I popped round to her home to pick out the best…

  10. Paola and Marco, the decisive banker’s wedding at Le Restaurant Hôtel du Parc des Eaux-Vives, Geneva

    25 Nov 2015
    On first meeting this couple, I was struck by the synergy between them. Paola doesn’t waste words, a beautiful, gentle, composed and decisive lady.  Michel holds nothing back, his spontaneity is totally endearing and being pretty direct myself, I am totally comfortable with this open communication They met in London…