Family lifestyle portrait photography in Geneva, Switzerland

I think that we all agree that childhood is so precious, we should celebrate it, everyday, even more so during the early years when children change so much and are still pretty natural when being photographed.

When the daylight wafts in and helps to create that magic, you know that you’re making beautiful heirloom pictures to cherish forever. 

I always spend some time getting to know the family without my camera first. Once the kids trust me, I capture them being themselves in their environment. It’s a huge privilege to be able to walk into people’s homes and capture their family at that moment in time. I have always fitted in easily with others, so naturally, documenting other people’s lives is something that I feel very comfortable with.

We all know how kids change and the next year, they will have grown up that little bit more. Well I am sure this is true of this beautiful young International family in Geneva.

This session was relatively short, only two hours long. (I can do 2/4/6/8/10 hour documentary sessions), if you’re interested, just get in touch! This time, you will all be recorded in the photos, no missing member of the family who’s taking the photo when I come to photograph your family.