New baby - Geneva - Maternity photographer

Wow. This Mum.

I photographed Paola’s wedding last year, who is one of Alejandra’s best friend’s. Paola persuaded Alejandra to commission me to photograph her family with her wonderful full belly before and after the birth of little Alvaro.

I popped round to her home to pick out the best outfits for the shoot . What a treasure trove of clothes, in cupboards, under the bed, all beautiful arranged and lucky little Alejandra had shoes to match her dresses.. We found outfits for each planned shot, needless to say one was forgotten on the day so we improvised!

I asked Alejandra how she and Alvaro met, a simple question, but the reply sent a shiver down my spine. Straight out of a fairy tale. 

Both Alvaro and Alejandra originate from Malaga in Spain, (Alejandra’s grandfather was German, hence the fair complexion). Their grandparents were good friends and Alvaro and Alejandra knew each other since they were children. Fast forward their childhood and teenage years,  Alvaro’s aunt, Zanmee, threw a party and invited Alejandra, the spark was kindled but they didn’t say a word to their parents. Once Alvaro’s father found out that they had hooked up, he told his son in no uncertain terms not to mess around with Alejandra! Alvaro told his father that he intended to marry Alejandra. Needless to say, Aunt Zanmee will always have a special place in their heart!

Chatting to Alejandra during the reveal of the photos taken at the Maternity, I found out that she had previously miscarried two babies. Alvaro is a baby who was deeply wanted by his parents. This gave me all the more pleasure documenting this beautiful chapter of their lives, the birth of Alvaro.
Here he is, seventeen days old, good natured, calm and beautiful!