Why you should have your portrait taken

Natalia reveals her insecurities about doing this photo-shoot and what it has given her.

Like any woman, there are moments in life where you don’t feel good about your physique, you feel more insecure. I was going through one of those moments when I did my session with Helen. That morning I woke up wondering if it would be a good idea or not to have photos taken in lingerie since it was my first time and I wasn’t at my best relation with my body. When I got to the studio, Helen greeted me with a smile and a million ideas. And we started working. During the session I had the constant support of Helen and Michelle (make-up artist) who transmitted a positive and motivating energy, making me completely forget about my insecurities.
We even ended the day by taking a semi-nude artistic photo (something I had never imagined doing). Today it is my favorite photo.
Many people ask me why I like to take these kinds of photos. And the answer is that they fill me with energy, they give me back my feminism and sensuality, every experience I have had has given me immense security, I have learned to accept and love myself and realise that I am beautiful just the way I am!
Today I accept collaborations and jobs without even thinking about my weight or physique, because a photo is reality and reality is beautiful in nature and this I learned in my first experience with Helen.