Stylish Mother and Child portraits

This mother . Difficult to find words to describe this lady. She radiates beauty, love & intelligence. Ana is always game to try whatever I suggest and what poise! These Mummy and Me portraits were taken to celebrate Mother’s Day and I think you can see the unconditional love that Ana showers her children with.

Shooting portraits has always been a love of mine, and using this black velvet background just sets the faces of the subject off so beautifully. 

Each portrait reveals their incredible family bond, their love 💞 for each other, their connection that transcends space and time. I genuinely feel that Mummy and Me portraits capture the gentle love and joy of a mother and child.

These mother and child portraits remind us of how the mother is intelligent, driven and passionately seeks the best for her child. She knows that every moment spent with her little ones is a precious gift. As the camera clicks and captures their bond, she is reminded of the endless possibilities and potentials that lie ahead.

The portraits radiate happiness, love and limitless possibilities. They are a reminder of the strength and  tenderness that surrounds a mother and her child.

The mother and child portraits are a testimony of the power of love. They evoke emotions that stir the soul, reminding us of the incredible powerful bond that exists between a mother and her child/children.

There’s something truly magical about seeing the love and joy between a mother and her children displayed proudly on the walls of your home.  It’s more than just a beautiful piece of art, it’s a daily reminder of the special bond you share. 💞

Every family owes it their children to hand down beautiful portraits like this to their children. I know that all the professional portraits that were done when I was a child, are still huge family favourites and bring back a whole era from a bygone age. 

I also know that if Mummy and Me professional portraits were only taken with one child, but not the others, the jealousy and hurt that follows is hard to erase. The pain of exclusion will leave a wound that reopens every time they see the portraits taken of their sibling with their mother.

So mums, please let me take Mummy and Me portraits of you with all your children. I love to take individual portraits with each child and one with you and all your children.

I’m so looking forward to photographing you with your children. Just send me a message introducing yourself or you can simply book a Zoom chat with me to talk about setting up a Mummy and Me photo session for you and your children!

I would love to hear which photos you love the best, please sign in and leave your comments.