Paola and Marco, the decisive banker’s wedding at Le Restaurant Hôtel du Parc des Eaux-Vives, Geneva

On first meeting this couple, I was struck by the synergy between them. Paola doesn’t waste words, a beautiful, gentle, composed and decisive lady.  Michel holds nothing back, his spontaneity is totally endearing and being pretty direct myself, I am totally comfortable with this open communication.

They met in London six years ago. Marco is Egyptian with Greek origins and Paola comes from Colombia, what a fabulous melting pot our world has become! Paola loves Marco’s open heartedness, his directness and his honesty and Michel loves Paola’s smile and admits that with Paola, he enters another world:) 

As they walked outside, leaving Maison Delafontaine in Carouge after their wedding ceremony, the confetti was thrown at them and then the rain drops started to come down, the forecast rain waited as long as it could! 

Realizing that outdoor portraits were not to be, I discovered the most beautiful room at the Restaurant Parc des Eaux-Vives. I’m a real sucker for mottled walls which remind me of some of my favorite locations in Milan.  Of course, after the rains, you get the most magic crystal clear light. 

As Paola and Marco were having their big wedding later in October in Egypt, I captured their Geneva haul in only three and a half hours.