Yumiko and Rami’s wedding at Le Chalet du Golf, Evian-les Bains

The strangest thing about Rami and Yumiko’s wedding was not meeting Yumiko before. Usually, it’s the ladies who see to practical preparations? Right? Not this wedding. Rami, bless his cotton socks, was doing all the organizing for their Evian wedding as Yumiko was setting up their wedding in Japan. He was so patient and attentive to my needs.

What a compassionate man Yumiko has found who is totally in touch with his feminine side.  We all prefer men like this don’t we?

Shooting their First Look only took ten minutes or so and I’m really happy with the results.

I absolutely wanted to shoot them in the car on the way to the ceremony. Even modern cars lend such style to wedding pictures. Notice Yumiko holding Rami’s ear, my daughter Molly has done this since she was a baby, one hand on your ear, (better if it’s cold,)  the other hand used to be sucking her thumb:-)

Whilst I did my location reki  (which I take very seriously) at Le Chalet du Golf course for the Saturday, I thought I had everything sussed…

Come the day of their wedding and because the Evian Championship was due to start in five days, we were no longer allowed onto the golf course! With some careful persuasion, I managed get the security chief to take all the barriers away in order for us to do some photography in front of the orange flower bush. 

We then moved behind the golf course to this previously spotted tree stump overlooking the lake. I am huge lover of  trees and tree stumps make wonderful backdrop for portraits. 

Yumiko was a total delight, light as a fairy and ready to enjoy every moment to its fullest, they were both pure joy to work with.  During their festivities Yumiko joined the musicians to play some fabulous Middle-Eastern music, what a joyous atmosphere there was!

Enjoy! Helen