Heartfelt thanks

Ana Medina Loaiza

The portraits are beautiful, my babies look so cute, thank you! 😍
There are many beautiful photos, it is difficult to choose.  ( A day or so later), Wow Helen the photos you selected and edited turned out beautiful!! I didn't know you had a blog so I just saw them 😃  I have a few more favorites now, like the one in Black & White at the end which is lovely. 

Pauline Sitbon

I did my first headshot shooting with Helen, and she made it so easy and was really kind and understanding! Again, thank you so much Helen, I finally have good pictures of myself.

Kata and Ido

We had our engagement shooting with Helen. When we first met her she was very friendly and attentive , she wanted to get to know us both so the photos and the shooting session will match us the best! I think it's very important and I'm very grateful that she was always very kind, thoughtful and let us be ourselves !The session was a great fun led by Helen's professionalism . It was in a gorgeous place in the mountains where she came with us. We enjoyed every moment of it a lot and the results are just adorable !!!Thank you Helen for making this amazing moment eternal! My husband Ido and me are very happy and thankful! We love you Kata & Ido.

Ana Medina

Helen is amazing! she is an incredible photographer, very professional, kind and attentive. That’s why we have chosen to hire her for our maternity photo sessions as well as for our recent new born and baby shoots. During the whole process she was very informative as to how to prepare for each photo shoot and what to expect. At the shoots she was extremely patient and gentle with our new born and our toddler. Each time the pictures were absolutely breathtaking, we really had a hard time picking our favourites! At the end, we printed them in metallic prints and hand crafted photoblocks in order to treasure them for ever, and we couldn’t be happier with the final result. Helen really takes photography to the level of art. We highly recommend her.

Franklin Chow 

on Iris Benesch’s 
surprise birthday photo book

The book is lovely. The photographs captured the spirit of your 'bash' and they are so natural and yet intimate. They ooze warmth and love for you and for your friends.  Helen also managed to show the surprise on your face as you walked into the restaurant. These are moments we shall cherish as we cherish you as a friend: ever thoughtful, generous and courageous.

Evénement Cartier Japan

J’ai vérifié les photos et c’est exactement cela dont nous avions besoin, merci pour avoir su parfaitement répondre à nos attentes.

Je n’hésiterai pas à refaire appel à vous lors de nos prochains évènements en Suisse.

Jean Sarfati

Yumiko & Rami's wedding

The coolest thing, you were always with us while our wedding.  Which means, the pictures explain well the story of our wedding.  Photos are telling what was happening on the special day. 
The slide show was really great!

Alejandra Alvades Gross

Les séances avec Helen s'agissait pas seulement d'une reportage familiale, mais aussi de sentiments. Il y avait un travail derrière très soigné, une connexion super avec la photographe, mais aussi avec la personne. Elle fait des photos, mais aussi elle crée un lien super avec le but du travail.  Nous avons réussi à créer une ambiance romantique aux parc des eaux vives, avec des robes très bien choisis pour faire la liaison entre la nature, ma famille, la vie qui s'agrandit dans mon ventre.... un moment unique, ma dernière grossesse a reste immortalisé grâce à cette travail super. La photo de moi tombé dans la herbe en touchant mon ventre est chargé de sentiments, d'énergie, de calme . La photographie de Helen arrive à transmettre plus qu'une image.

La séance suivante à la clinique avec la jolie familiale, la connexion entre nous, mon mari et moi, la petit et son frère, elle et son père, ma fille et moi... tous ensemble. Elle a très bien remarque les regards, le sentiment derrière, le moment unique de la nouvelle vie qui arrivait. Et finalement, le star, Alvaro, il a était retraité avec beaucoup d'amour et de soin. Elle a réussi à attraper dans le temps ses premier sourires, la calme du bébé, la paix que les nouveaux nés toujours transmis, et que malheureusement on perd avec l'âge, avec la vie...

Une très grand merci pour votre travail, votre façon de vouloir connaitre notre histoire familial pour la laisser exprimé dans le photos, mais aussi pour le magnifique souvenir que nous garderons toujours avec votre travail, dans notre coeur. Une moment unique, magnifique.

Nina & Gavin

Oh Wow Helen! Thank you so much! There are  many really lovely ones, and you've caught us very well and naturally! I'm thrilled.

I really love them.

Julie Brizard

Très bonne expérience avec Helen: elle prend bien le temps de cerner nos envies et besoins en amont. Lors des prises de vues, Helen est très patiente et se cale sur le rythme du bébé. le résultat est très beau et très naturel. ça a été un plaisir de partager ces moments ensemble . à bientôt peut être pour des photos de famille!

Duncan & Kerry

Hi Helen, just to let you know Kerry was over the moon with the photos. Its the 1st time we've had pro pics taken of us and she is really happy with the results.

Sophie Guignon

Encore merci Helen, elles sont super.

Dr Holli Schauber

Bar-Mitzvah photos
After receiving the albums, one for herself and one for the grandparents, 

Holli wrote, "Looks great, we love it!"

Christina Ceballos-Levy on Liam's 'Caritas', Andy Warhol style portraits at 12 months old

The ones so far look delicious! I am loving them! The pictures look great! Now comes the hard part. How do I choose?
Helen was a joy to work with. She captured my one year old beautifully and was able to recreate a project that I had done for my other two children years ago. I can't recommend her enough!

Amanda & Alejandro's wedding

Hi Helen!

Thank you again for the great work at the wedding. I took a look at the photos you posted, they look really great!

Terri Miller's wedding

Am finally getting a chance to look again at the lovely pics you took of the blessing of our marriage. Thanks for being our visual "memory-keeper" of this special day. Just love the shots on the bench - we used the one you have online of us looking at each other for our thank you cards and it's getting rave reviews!

Jonathan Putsman

The pictures you have taken of Max are quite simply remarkable and in truth I was wet eyed by the time I had finished looking at them.

They are both the best pictures of Max and best of a child that I have ever seen.

They entirely capture his abundant energy and enthusiasm.  I think he was a good model and you have given us a beautiful permanent record of his passion and love of life so a million thank yous…

(face masked to disguise child)

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